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This is the million dollar question! In my experience every bride has her own sense of style, although there are trends and florist favourites, any good florist will discuss in detail what look you as the bride have in your mind even if you dont really have strong ideas your florist will help you choose, reflecting your sense of style and venue and of course budget.

The mixed garden style flowers in bold colours combined with a vintage background palette works beautifully, so say for example your maids are in a navy dress you could incorporate some rich magenta’s with plums running into a nude palette with soft grey toned foliages, with perhaps a lovely rich vibernham berry or a Eringium Thistle to pick up the blue. There are clever ways of using colour to compliment rather than to match your chosen theme especially if you have a non floral colour such as navy blue or teal.

What is Popular For Wedding Flowers?

For expert advise Book a consultation with your BBL design florist and have a good look online at images to find some images you like and your florist will soon get to learn what you are drawn too and come up with something fabulous!