Shopping online with bbl design is a safe and secure way of placing your order. Once you have placed an order and entered your personal details you will be redirected to a secure area of the website provided by Netbanx so that your credit card details can be taken securely. Once you get to the site, the Web address begins with https: increased security. You can rest your mouse pointer on the lock to see the level of encryption.

Is NetBanx secure?

  • NetBanx uses a combination of techniques to ensure that transactions passed are secure and trusted.
  • NetBanx runs Apache Web Servers using 128 bit ciphers, and standard SSL technology, acknowledged as an industry standard for applications requiring security.
  • All payment card information sent to NetBanx and from NetBanx is encrypted.
  • Firewalls within the NetBanx system allow the isolation of information from hackers.
  • NetBanx has developed from processes established over five years as a security system specifically for the Internet environment.
  • NetBanx has been adopted by the major acquirers to provide security to their merchants.

How it works?

  • A simple link to NetBanx at the point of payment allows the Merchants’ customer to be discretely re-directed into the secure environment of the NetBanx payment system.
  • NetBanx checks the format of the card number and makes further security checks to validate the authenticity of the cardholder information. NetBanx then processes transactions by requesting authorisation from the appropriate bank and finally obtains confirmation that the bank has cleared the payment.
  • Confirmation is given to the Merchants’ customer. The NetBanx system can generate an email for both Merchant and Merchants’ customer to confirm transaction.
  • The Merchant processes the delivery of the relevant goods or services.
    All information submitted within the order process and Personal Organiser is encrypted to ensure your personal and sensitive information is kept secure.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act). Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy